Wednesday, January 16, 2008

What are Barack Obama's Connections to Islam?

Why is it okay and common for the media to confront "Pastor" Huckabee and the "Mormon" Romney and Obama gets a pass everytime?

In a democracy, the president works for us, as an American citizen, I believe I have every right to get an explanation on Obama's affilation to Islam.

Everybody has read or heard about that email was circulating around a couple months ago claiming Barack is a "radical Muslim." Snopes, an urban myth fact checker, did a could job debunking some of the rumors spread about Barack's affiliation to "radical Islam" but it also lays out some very intersting facts about the Obama family tree's connection to Islam for example :

*His father, Barack Hussein Obama, was rasied Muslim in Kenya

*Obama's older 1/2 brother, Malik Obama, still lives in Kenyan and is a Muslim

*When he was two, his mother remarried another Muslim named Lolo Soetoro.

*He then lived in Indonesia for 5 years. Although he did not attend a "Madrass" he did attend schools that were primarily Muslim, many American's don't realize that Indonesia is the world largest Muslim country-home to some of the most extreme Islamic Radicalist Terrorist today.

Why do I have to dig this up myself? Why hasn't Barak come out with this to set the record straight? Is he trying to deceive us?

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