Thursday, January 3, 2008

Movie Rewiew: World Trade Center

It makes you think about:
*The officer workers that choose to jump instead of burn.
*The first responders that were trapped alive under the rumble
*The wives of the police officers wondering if her husband is ok.
*The fire fighters morning the lost of the friends.
*The rescue workers that refusing to give up.

It's amazing that only 2,974 innocent civilians were murdered that day and we can thank those first responders.

I recommend soldiers watch before shipping off to war. I recommend military family members watch while their loved ones are off at war. I recommend voters watch before heading to the polls. Look it's not the best film, it's not fun to watch, and everyone knows the story. We don't want to think about that day, but we should.

Our soldiers are doing their job over seas but on the homefront we need more big name directors like Stone and actors Cage to tell their stories and help Americans remember and stay united as we continue to fight our enemies. Why aren't there more movies like this?

Favorite Quote:
"You kept me alive"


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