Monday, December 31, 2007

Digg the Candidates

First it was Youtube now Digg is getting their hands in the political pie. I find it amazing watching the new media emerge in current politics and eCampaigning.

"You can now check out the 2008 presidential candidates profiles on Digg! Add your favorite candidates as a friend to show support, and to see all their Digging activity in your friends' activity feed. Many of them will be Digging, commenting and even submitting content.

On the Digg the Candidate's main page you will see a star next to each article by each candidate's name, this article is the candidate's most recent favorite. When you add a candidate as a friend, a box will also be created on your profile showing which candidates you have added." Digg

Some other nice features are:
-You can see how many profile views they have
-You can add the candidates to your friends list
-See what news stories they are promoting.
-Best of all you can get the satisfaction of clicking that button to digg your vote.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Gratitude Campaign

Problem: When civilians see military personnel in the airports they don't know how to react and end up ignoring them.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bumper Sticker War Slideshow

Click on the arrow to view the slideshow.

I want this Bumper Sticker War to start a debate. Please share your reactions and opinions and comment below.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I Declare a Bumper Sticker War

I can't take it anymore. I must fight back to all those who slap and stupid sticker on their car and drive by and offend me. So I declare a bumper sticker war. Let's face it pop culture and main stream media are fools and the enemy propaganda is brainwashing them. I will throw up some examples and counter them back. Then given the nature of blogs and the ability to comment I intended to open it up to a public debate so bring it on or help me out.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

American Leadership and War Interactive Map

Which presidents and political parties were responsible for America's deadliest wars? To what extent can you blame a president or a political party for choosing to go to war? This map may hold some answers. It illustrates the history of American war from 1775 to 2006. War is a necessary evil. Politics, however, shouldn't be.

Click here to see a 90 sec interactive map

Friday, October 5, 2007

Movie Review: The Kingdom

First 10 minutes are some what useful to get the American general public to think for a moment and face the reality and savagery of the terrorists we fight today. The rest of the movie turns into CSI meets Die Hard with Jamie Fox leading a special secret squirrel rogue FBI team which takes away from the seriousness that was established from the start of the film. The closing scene really showed the movie's true aim to persuade the average lazy American that hasn't been informed of their real motive. There is a line at the end where someone one asked Jamie Fox "What was it that you said to (some lady on the FBI team) to get her to stop crying when we found out one of our own was killed in the terrorist attack?" Jamie Fox replies with "We'll kill them all" this is paired with the grandson of a Saudi bomb-making terrorist who was killed in the end in front of him. His mother asks him, "What was it that your grandfather whispered in your ear before he died" and he replies with "We'll kill them all." I don't understand how in the end the movie tries to portray Americans as just as bad as the terrorist. What the writers and most Americans fail to realize or remember is, it's not the same, they attacked our Innocent civilians first, we do have moral authority over them. This is strike 2 for Jamie Fox, Jarhead was strike 1, playing action hero and in an ant-war movie, I am loosing respect for him. Another thing I don't understand is why they had to use a fictional terrorist attacks because their has been plenty, see List of terrorist attacks in Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom is an anti-war irresponsible film with an agenda for lame uninformed average Americans. I wouldn't recommend you wasting your money to support them. To get your action fix just watch the trailer:

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Vets For Freedom

A good buddy of mine asked to pass this along:

On behalf of Vets for Freedom, thank you for your service! Veterans for Freedom is organizing the country around a pro-mission, pro-victory message: We support our troops and their mission. We are looking for veterans to help get the word out about our message. We need leadership on the ground in your state as a State Captain. Here’s how you can help:

We are asking our State Captains to commit to the following “Six Action Items”

1) Sign-up pro-mission OIF/OEF vets at

2) Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper (we can help you with this)

3) Recruit pro-mission Vets to attend a Senator’s or Congressman’s Local town-hall meeting (We will provide you with dates, times and locations)

4) Conduct radio and television interviews with local media (we will coordinate these for you)

5) Call your Senators and Representatives: tell them to support Gen. Petraeus and our troops' mission

Need contact information for your elected officials? Click here:


Commit to attend "Vets Take the Hill" day in D.C. Over the course of two days Vets from around the country will converge on Capitol Hill, telling Congress to stand strong with our troops and their mission.

Vets Take the Hill will take place September 17 and 18. VFF will pre-pay all expenses making the trip completely free to the vet traveler up front.

Feel free to call 605-254-2624 with any questions.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Movie: United 93

Just finished watching the DVD United 93. Part of my process to get myself motivated to put the uniform back on in 4 days after 2 years of a leave of absences from the Army Gaurd since I returned from Baghdad.

It helped.

I ended up watching the movie by myself. Tried to watch with pops since my wife wouldn't watch with me. Didn't work. Suprisingly my mom sat in at the end.

It was a needed reminder with sharp details (like flight attendants getting executed) that created a sharper picture of that unforgettable day, but I would argue has already become a forgotten day to most.

Amercians need to remember.

To those who fought back. I start this blog in honor of you.

Favorite Quote:
"Let's Roll"