Friday, February 1, 2008

Dr. Shelby Steele on Obama & Race

Dr. Shelby Steele (An African American academic-the smartest man on race I have ever heard) was interviewed on Michael Medved about his new book "A Bound Man: Why We are Excited by Obama and Why He Can't Win" click here to listen to this interview.

Show Notes:
Obama, like Oprah, is a "bargainer" - "a black that comes into mainstream and says to white people, " I will give you the benefit of the doubt, I will presume you are not racists until you indicate otherwise, if you don't hold your my race against me... He plays on the white guilt because whites don't won't...The biggest Achilles heel is they can't tell you who they really are, they want to be a blank projection screen for whites to put up their own self image on. Versus an 'individual' like Bill Cosby who reveals what they truly believe and stand for then becomes exiled. "Bargainers" are opposites to 'challengers' like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, we will presume you are racists until you prove others, black power equals keeping whites on the hook."

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